How Evernote quietly made it’s way to my dock, killing several other apps on the way up

Getting a place for your app in a dock is like having your website bookmarked, even better. An average person uses less than 10 apps regularly, let it be on a mobile phone or a computer. Today while ticking the ‘keep in dock’ option, I suddenly remembered the day I installed it for the first time. When I first heard about the app, I didn’t want it. I had a bunch of notepad apps already, and I wasn’t looking for another one. But I installed it for mainly two reasons. One, I loved the logo. And two, I was curious. Not because it was fairly new, but because everyone around me was talking about it & have been using it in their own ways.

In terms of UX, the product is absolutely fantastic. And the seamless integration of desktop-web is just great! And with the fast loading time, it’s easily one of my favorite iphone apps too.

This is how I use evernote myself.

A regular notepad:

Evernote makes a perfect notepad app. With the default ‘elephant’ icon on the top, launching it is as easy as pressing cmd+ctrl+N. And what makes it more useful is the fact that it keeps all the notes in a very organized way. You can have multiple notebooks with several notes inside them. Updating is even easy. I can update my notes with a tweet or an SMS! And there, I got rid of Wunderlist.

A grocery list:

It works as a simple yet powerful grocery list. I create a new note and start adding checkboxes agains the list of items throughout the week, from my macbook or pc, office or home as and when I remember, which are automatically synced to my account on the web. And I can tick them off in my iPhone one after another when I visit the store in the weekend. So no copy-pasting, no saving and absolutely no paper lists. I no longer need the SplashShopper app for $20.

A document folder:

I have a scanned copy of my passport, my driving license, my CV and some other documents which I might need anytime. And all these in a perfectly organized & searchable way. This is a lot more convenient compared to sending an email to myself with these attachments and searching for them later. I can update the files anytime and they automatically get synced throughout. And I get an update version of the note/documents anytime I connect my device to the internet. Then I can access the files anytime using any of my devices or just by logging in to my account via a web browser. My files are easily accessible and are still safe.

A read-it-later app:

There is a super easy ‘clip to evernote’ link added to the context menu in chrome. Just select ANYTHING on the browser and hit the menu link. And it is sent the evernote right away. And then I can read it whenever I want, even from my iPhone while travelling. That’s a wonderful addition to the overall user experience. I no longer use Read It Later or InstaPaper. Evernote does it for me.

A coordinated task list:

I have a shared note for the members of my project, which they can update anytime, and we can see the changes instantly. That’s sort of doable with Google docs for sure, but when I need to add an image or a pdf to that note, Google docs just doesn’t work. In evernote, it’s as easy as a copy and paste.

So this is my way of using Evernote. Ever found yourself using this app in some strange way? Let me know. :)

Written by Arun Pattnaik