Hello Startups!

This is the kind of call I get almost every week

Me: “Hello. This is Arun.”
Caller: “Hi (Awkward Pause) I am calling from xyz and we are looking for a designer. Would you be interested?”
Me: “Umm what sort of a designer?”
Caller: “You know…the regular sort. Banners, logos, websites etc.”
Me: “Ah, I’m sorry I’m not a graphic designer. I’m a UX designer.”
Caller: “I see. So what do you design then?”
Me: “I design User Experiences”
Caller: “Hmm, I think we need one of that too. Would you like to come for an interview for a UX designer?”
Me: “Actually I’m not sure. Do you even know what it…”
Caller: “Well we are a CMM 5 company with 2000 employees worldwide and …”
Me: “I got it. I’m gonna pass. I work only with startups”
Caller: “What?? (annoyed) Don’t you want to work for a real company?”
Me: “No thanks, I prefer working WITH startups. And fyi, startups are as real as your fortune 500’s, except they make more sense and are less evil.” [This is the point where I hang up]

You can imagine the rest. Honestly, I bring this up because I’m not sure what else to write as a first blog post, hence this filler. I have been working with exciting startups for over 3 years now & I’m never turning back.

When I switched to a startup (from a listed company), I put a lot of thought into this decision. The first startup I worked for was a 8 people company. Although that was a difficult decision, but that was equally exciting. I’ll be writing mostly about my personal experiences in the startup ecosystem and ways to make the best out of your own startups.

Just out of curiousity, here is a list [with links] of the first posts on today’s most popular blogs. Have fun! :)








Written by Arun Pattnaik